“Just wanted to let you know. I’m just sitting in eavesdropping on ****’s  first rehearsal with her accompanist and I could cry, your violin has completely transformed the way she plays. What a gift!”

“Huge thank you to @vlnmkr for the great adjustment.  A great luthier not only makes an instrument sound great but also liberates the artistic possibilities of your tool, inspiring you to play it all the time.  Could not recommend more for any violin needs of yours!”

“I greatly respect Stephen’s approach to his work – a balanced combination of Art and Science – and I couldn’t be happier with the greatly improved resonance, responsiveness and tone quality of my Cello.   Many Luthiers have seen my Cello  – but Stephen Quinney gave my Cello its voice”.

“I am completely undone by how beautiful my cello sounds after your adjustment and how quite effortless it has been to touch and evoke.  The [sound] engineer said: dare I say the cello has never sounded better”

“I’m really happy with the sound of my cello: I feel we were able to bring back the ‘fizz’ quality in the sound, which I think is the hallmark of a projecting instrument.”

“Stephen cut a new bridge for my 250 year old English cello. Un-prompted, he did a thorough set of measurements and suggested a new placement for the bridge – made a world of difference both in playability and sound. Can’t say enough good things about the level of craftsmanship and care Stephen undertakes on even the smallest job. All of the work since has been of the highest quality I have experienced in over 40 years of cello repairs and upkeep on two continents and numerous countries. Highest recommendation I can offer.”

Such a good and productive experience at your shop on Saturday. I played my violin for two hours yesterday and was thoroughly delighted. It sounded so good under my ear…none of the frustrations I had been struggling with.  Thank you so much for your effort.”

“Thank you!  Even one of the non-musician parents sitting in on her son’s lesson today sat up straighter when I played something and remarked on my cello sounding so much more beautiful!  It’s been fun to play again!”

“Fantastic, explosive sound”  describing a 2017 Quinney violin

“Stephen has done various various repairs and consults for us over the years and I can’t recommend him more highly. His attention to detail is unparalleled and very appreciated. In addition, the education he has given us about instrument construction, care and handling at each visit has always been done so thoughtfully and thoroughly, it always feels like we’ve come away not only with an improved instrument, but a greater understanding of it.”

“I had Stephen take a look at my violin last year because it needed new strings and checkup.  I wasn’t happy with how it sounded but was pretty sure that was the violin itself.  Stephen actually replaced my bridge and made various adjustments that I never would have thought of and the violin sounds better than I could have ever imagined!  Thanks Stephen :)”